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TS-202 DTMF Generator

The TS-202 generates a DTMF output to test the commercial inserter input or encode videotapes. Unlike other tone generators, the TS-202 generates a timed tone burst identical to those used by networks and enables you to set the output level of the tones, allowing you to test the full cue input range of the commercial inserter. In addition to timed bursts, you can also generate tones as you push individual keys on the keypad. The TS-202 also stores up to ten tone sequences for later retrieval and transmission.

The features of the TS-202 include:
Hand-held injected molded case.
600 ohm balanced output.
Can be used to encode tones onto videotape in the production studio.
The user selects the DTMF tones and output level on a keypad, then presses the transmit key.
Generates tones at the standard 50 msec interval or as you push keys on the keypad.
Sequences of up to eight DTMF tones can be generated.
The last tone sequence and level remains in memory until new parameters are entered.
Stores ten tone sequences for later retrieval from memory.
GPI interface to transmit tone sequences stored in memory position one.
AC adapter and low battery indicator included.


Audio Input Impedance: 600 ohms, balanced
Output Termination: 600 ohms, switchable
Audio Connector: Terminal strip
Data Connector: RJ-11 jack
GPI Interface Connector: Mini phone jack
Power Connector: Mini phone jack
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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